Anatomy of a pint of barts ice cream.



For those who know the difference

Bart’s Handcrafted combines the best of uniqueness with high-quality ingredients. Many of Bart’s Handcrafted flavors have catchy names that will dance across your tongue. In the mood for being an adult AND indulging your tastebuds? No matter what your tastes, the next time you crave a rich, creamy, ice cold treat look to Bart’s and see which of the great flavors grabs you.


We are committed to running our business in ways that support our community by buying local.

Buying local means more than just buying food and other products and services from businesses in your town. It means patronizing the places that are committed to bettering your community. That’s what Barts has always been about. When we succeed, it’s not just about our business growing, it’s about the communities that support us thriving as well.